Bitcoin Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) Are Growing Fast; What Should Investors Know?

Bitcoin Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) Are Growing Fast; What Should Investors Know?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to reach all-time highs; integrating crypto into financial planning is a topic that is increasingly going mainstream.

As the cryptoasset marketplace, from non-fungible tokens, digital and crypto artwork, and (of course) cryptocurrencies continue to advance, develop, and gain wider traction, the financial implications of this growth are clear. While there might be some frothiness in some aspects of the crypto marketplace, the reality is that crypto has become part of the financial planning and investment process for individuals and institutional alike. One critical part of this conversation that remains a work in progress, however, is the ability of investors to gain access to investing products.

Buying and selling bitcoin or other crypto individually can certainly be an appropriate strategy, but what about other options?

Crypto exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) have not yet been approved in the United States, with Canada taking the lead in the North American crypto ETF market, but that does not mean that other products and options are off the table. Tactics and ideas that have rapidly become a definitive part of the bitcoin and crypto investing conversation is the ability of investors to utilize individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to gain some exposure to bitcoin. With the total IRA sector in the United States alone totaling trillions in assets, this is a potentially very large market and potential driver of growth for various cryptocurrencies.

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