Bitdroplet Review – Bitcoin SIP (2020 Updated) — COINnws

Bitdroplet Review - Bitcoin SIP (2020 Updated) — COINnws

Hello investors, As Bitcoin dominance grows on the financial world and beyond, everyone likes to have a piece of BTC as there will be only 21 million Bitcoin.

but At What price we should buy Bitcoin? Bitcoin is one of the most volatile digital assets, which makes it hard to find what is the fair price.

The Best solution comes a regulated financial market, An investment approach that is used by institutional investors and experts. Using this approach, they acquire a definite amount of assets in customary intervals to strike market volatility (SIP)

in this article we will explore What is Bitcoin SIP? & What is Bitdroplet?

What is SIP?

SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan. It allows you to spend regularly a fixed figure in your preferred mutual fund scheme. It enables a person to invest in a small amount. SIP opts for monthly auto-payment. It enables you to plan budget and expenses in a better way.

bitdroplet review

What is Bitdroplet?

Gone are the days when common assets and fixed stores were your lone venture choices. No wonder they have great, but progression doesn’t wait. Bitdroplet is a unique and exceptional SIP style Systematic Purchase Plan (SPP) for Bitcoin. Bitcoin SIP has been infused with ‘Dollar-cost Averaging’ (DCA). It is an investment approach that is used by institutional investors and experts. Using this approach, they acquire a definite amount of assets in customary intervals to strike market volatility. With Bitdroplet, one can spend conveniently. You can spend some fixed amount of money on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Bitdroplet is flexible and lithe. One can also break, withdraw, or end their investment anytime they want.



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How Bitcoin SIP work?

there are only 4-5 easy steps.

✪ Set the SPP amount you want to invest weekly or monthly in Bitcoin.

✪ Deposit USDT in your wallet using Peer-to-Peer or wallet transfer. This will be used for your periodic investments.

✪ Once your wallet is close to empty, deposit USDT to continue the SPP.

✪ Redeem your investment to get USDT, which can be in turn sold to get Rupees.

if you have any kind to trouble you can just drop an email or chat with Bitdroplet customer service relative they are highly responsive to email and chat.

What are the possible Investment options and re-tunes?

You do not need to buy an entire Bitcoin. Start by investing as small as ₹79/day. The best approach is to purchase fractional amounts of Bitcoin and mount up gradually. SIP in Bitcoin is a programmed investment arrangement that eradicates the risk of explosive decision-making. SIP in Bitcoin provides different investment options. One can invest in a retirement account, in a trading account, or a communal fund. By investing this way, there are smaller chances of your investment going off-putting.

Normal Crypto Investment VS Bitcoin SIP

The difference between normal crypt investment and Bitcoin SIP investment are as follows:

Bitcoin SIP
Bitcoin SIP

Mutual Funds vs. Bitdroplet Bitcoin SIP

The difference between mutual funds investment and Bitdroplet investment are as follows:

Bitcoin vs Mutual Fund
Bitcoin vs Mutual Fund

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitdroplet Bitcoin SIP

Is Bitcoin SIP is Legal in India?
Up until this point, there has been no prohibition on Bitcoin SIP in India.

Bitbns Support SPP in which coins?

It allows you to invest only in Bitcoin.

What is the minimum amount I can invest through Bitdroplet?

The least amount which one can invest using Bitdroplet is $1 USDT.

Is there a fee for transferring USDT from Bitbns to Bitdroplet?

No, there is no fee of transferring USDT from Bitbns to Bitdroplet.

What is Redeem? What is the minimum value I can redeem?

Redeem works like a Recover alternative. It has been created for your benefit. On the off chance that you critically need cash, you can essentially reclaim at least 15 USDT without shutting your SPP. If your SPP has fewer than 15 USDT and you wish to reclaim it, you should close your SPP for that specific objective.

My Portfolio is in Negative State? What Shall I do?

If your portfolio is in a negative state, don’t panic, Bitdroplet is more about long haul investment funds than the present moment. Utilize the venture adding machine device on the landing page to find out about the presentation of Bitcoin in the long haul.

What will be the fees for SPP installment?

The fee for SPP installment is 0.25% for each Installment.

During Redemption. Will I get charged?

Yes, you will charge 0.25%.

Where are the Bitcoins stored?

Bitcoin and different cryptographic forms of money are put away in a wallet address contained in a concentrated database called the blockchain.

Investment Disclaimer – Investing in digital assets like Bitcoin is subject to market risk.


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The Review



  • Easy to use interface
  • Low transaction fees
  • Back by BitBNS


  • Still have to go through a learning curve
  • Have to consider USDT to INR conversation (Not truly INR-BTC)

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