Buybitcoinsmart: Synthesizing Magnitude of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Buybitcoinsmart: Synthesizing Magnitude of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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Bitcoin is no longer a niche topic of discussion, designated for tech-savvy computer engineers and developers.

Regardless of its relatively short existence, BTC has managed to become a household name for cryptocurrencies – it’s the one asset that everyone knows about.

This is true for both retail and institutional investors. In fact, 2021 is so far shaping up to be a year where institutional interest in Bitcoin is going through the roof. Just a few days ago, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, revealed a position in BTC, while Morgan Stanley – one of the world’s most influential financial institutions, seeks further exposure.

And yet, buying Bitcoin is not so easy. There are countless centralized exchanges, which are, without a doubt, the best bet for a newbie Bitcoin investor.

Choosing the one to go with depends on a myriad of factors. First, you need to determine if your government actually allows you to own Bitcoin. If it doesn’t, exchanges are likely to be more prohibitive.

Next, you need to choose the exchange with the most favorable terms such as user experience, fees, withdrawal times, and so forth.

To help you with this choice, Buybitcoinsmart has done the hard work and simplifies the process significantly.

What is Buybitcoinsmart?

Buybitcoinsmart is a platform that synthesizes a magnitude of cryptocurrency exchanges and allows you to select the best one to open an account on based on your country.

This is very helpful. While there are plenty of websites with exchange reviews and whatnot, having the best ones available based on specific criteria such as your country of residence is hugely practical.

With Buybitcoinsmart, you won’t have to worry about going through extensive reviews to determine whether or not an exchange is actually operating in your country – the platform does all the work for you.

How to Use Buybitcoinsmart?

The platform is particularly intuitive and very easy to use. It’s friendly to beginners, and the process is as straightforward as it gets.

Once you land on the website, this is what you will see:

From here, all you need to do is select your country. For this example, we’ve chosen the country of Austria, and as soon as we selected it, we got a new page that displays a multitude of exchanges, starting with the team’s picks.

The “favorite exchanges” represent several highly reliable cryptocurrency exchanges with a proven track record, as well as their main strengths. For example, for Austria, the website suggests Coinbase as a nice option if you want to purchase Bitcoin with a credit or debit card. Bitpanda, on the other hand, is suggested as the cheapest exchange to buy Bitcoin in Austria, and Binance is the top pick for altcoins.

Below that, there is an extensive list of all the available cryptocurrency exchanges operating in the country with summarized pros and cons so that any user can make their mind quickly and conveniently.

Closing Thoughts

Buybitcoinsmart is not an exchange on its own, it’s important to keep this in mind. The platform only suggests the best available platforms based on the country you live in.

But it does more than that. It offers concise and summarized information that should help you make a good decision based on data. You won’t have to spend time going through lengthy reviews.


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